About us

Founded in 1990, ALGOPLAST is a company specializing in plastic sheet/foil extrusion by calendar line.

Our development has been continuous for more than 30 years in supporting the needs of the plastics market. Since the beginning, ALGOPLAST has particularly specialized in recycled products, made from plastic scraps of 100% French origin to guarantee optimal quality for extrusion, but we also respond to multi-layer formulations with materials 100 % virgin.

This innovative expertise is perfectly in line with the AGEC law supporting the circular economy, accelerating the change in consumption model to limit waste, preserve natural resources, biodiversity, and the climate.

Our semi-finished products are plastic sheets (rolled into reels) or rigid sheets (flat format) intended for thermoforming for all industrial sectors: cosmetics, perfumery, automotive, mechanics, electronics, glassmaking, pharmacy, etc. They are made to measure in response to the expectations and constraints of our customers (recycled or noble materials, single- or multi-layer, thickness, format, packaging, delivery, deadline, etc.).

We particularly like challenges and are waiting for yours to show you our expertise, our know-how and the level of excellence that we can offer you.

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